5 Apps and Services That are a Must for a Mover & Shaker's Lifestyle!

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

So today you've bounced from meeting to meeting, a conference call to a co-working space, and you notice that you still need to get groceries and do your laundry. Sometimes a busy life can lead chores to take a back seat.

I chatted with our founder, Alice Foy, about her favorite services and apps. These apps will help you automate and master that seemingly mundane but important life and business tasks, giving you more time to push towards your goals.


Rinse is a customizable concierge laundry service. The laundry service will pick up and drop off your dirty clothes within three to four days. The basic wash and fold start off at $1.95/lb with a $7.95 service fee and a minimum of $30. Not to mention, Rinse picks up and drops off your laundry, which means you don’t have to move a muscle. There is also an opportunity to make this a subscription service so you can worry about your next move rather than finding time to do your laundry. Use this code to get $15 off your first Rinse laundry service.

Notes from @meetalicefoy: Yes, there is a wash in my building, but making this ONE LESS thing I have to worry about with my schedule feels amazing! You can set all of your preferences for laundry products and schedule and cancel with ease. Send those bath mats and comforters you've been putting off taking to the cleaners.

Amazon Prime Now

Groceries, household items, and alcohol delivered to your doorstep! Can it get any better? That's right, you don't have to worry about getting a broken down shopping cart, hauling groceries to your car, and most importantly carrying those heavy groceries from the car to your home. Amazon Prime Now is like the Postmates of Amazon, just place your order, set your preferences and it'll be there within 2 hours! Existing Prime members will enjoy free standard delivery with qualifying purchases of $35. Don't have an account? $4.99 for purchases less than $35 and non-Prime members.

Notes from @meetalicefoy: I live by Prime Now! Goodbye to the days of carrying cases of water up the stairs! I also enjoy this service when it's my time of the month and I need products, meds, and comfort foods.


What if I told you, you don't have to stand in those long lines just to get that cheeseburger you've been dreaming for dinner, would you believe me? DoorDash has you covered for all of your cravings no matter what time of day it is. DoorDash can deliver to your home, your picnic in the park, and even to your job! All you have to do is download the app and start satisfying your hunger!

Task Rabbit

No more stubbing your thumb while hammering a nail into wood or getting frustrated because the directions are too complicated, not to mention possibly in a different language. Task Rabbit is an app that can help you with all of your crafty needs like heavy lifting, assembling furniture, moving, cleaning your home, not to mention anything you purchase from IKEA. After downloading the app, you tell TaskRabbit the task you need to be done, choose the person you want to complete the task, schedule a convenient time, and boom you're task will be complete.

The Digital Jane

Listen, sometimes you just can't do it all. Email campaign management, pitch decks, marketing emails, business meeting setups can be overwhelming. Allow the highly professional and skilled women of The Digital Jane to propel you forward by tackling your to-do list! TDJ offers hourly and monthly subscription-based packages, you're bound to find what fits best for you and your business.

Now that you know there are services to help you create a more streamlined home and work environment, stop feeling bad about not being able to do it and never break a sweat. Let these apps and services help you work smarter, not harder.