7 Ways to Support Small Businesses

As October is winding down, we can’t let it escape without shining a light on small businesses, as this is Small Business Awareness Month! Even though this month is used to acknowledge small businesses we should be supporting them all year long! Especially now going into the holiday season, this is a great way to exercise your dollar and shop at local and online stores. Small businesses can be businesses owned by friends, family or just a local business in your neighborhood. Here are some seven helpful tips on how you can support local small owned businesses.

Why Should you shop with a Small Business?

Small businesses are sometimes overlooked because, well, they are small. Most of us are comfortable with shopping with businesses we are already familiar with because we are ensured we will get the product or service we want. Even though you may enjoy shopping in your comfort zone, you might be missing out on some amazing products and experiences!

When I am shopping with an online small business, I’ve realized I’ve been able to find products that not too many people own, which in my opinion gives me originality! For example, instead of shopping at big named clothing stores, try shopping at local and boutiques.

I love going to local businesses because I get a more personal shopping experience. Plus, the owner of the business can help you find more products designed for your personal needs and inform you about certain products. Another exciting benefit of shopping at local or small businesses is that the vast majority of them give back to the community. It feels good to see where your money is going and how it is being used within the community.

Now that you have a little background on why small businesses are important here are some ways to show your support, and it doesn’t always have to be with money.

  1. Writing Positive Reviews - this can be a very helpful way to generate positive communication around this business, as everyone always reads yelp reviews to determine how shoppable something is.

  2. Recommendations- Tell your friends about the brand or the products you brought and share your experience.

  3. Tag on Social Media - Social media is a big one, I know I shop on Instagram all the time. This is where we spend a lot of our time and if some are tagging a brand and showing off the cute piece of clothing or makeup I will probably click on it.

  4. Make a Conscious Decision to Support - If your favorite store or local business is not close to you, make it part of a weekly routine to make sure you have time to support the places you want to see stay open

  5. Buy Items without Expecting a Discount- This is so important when you support a local business expect to pay full price as they are covering a lot of charges with less capital. I really love and pay for who you support.

  6. Don’t shop for big brands on Black Friday -Try to see how you can support local businesses on this day.

  7. Use the holidays - (ie. Christmas) as a day to give back to small businesses. Most small businesses find it hard to get customers to shop due to the big discounts in major companies.

Here are a few local and online small businesses you can start shopping at:

1. Official SBY- A lash and accessory online business

2. Becca Anne- An online fashion boutique

3. TheSMTouch- An online writing service

4. Hanifa- A clothing and storefront clothing brand

5. Lip Bar- An online makeup brand