The Mompreneurs We LOVE! Celebrating Amazing Mommy Moguls This Mother's Day.

Updated: May 10, 2019

Has anyone else noticed that it 2019 is the year of women?! From Forever First Lady Michelle Obama to tennis superstar, Serena Williams, women have shown they are a force to be reckoned with. We have shown we are smart and savvy businesswomen and can juggle work life with mommy life. Women are masters at multitasking and never getting the credit they deserve, but all that is changing. Girls have always ruled the world but they are just now getting their well deserved credit. Thanks Beyoncé!

All women are amazing, but it is remarkable to be both a boss lady in the “office” and a mother at home! These women are moms first but still find time for their careers and of course a little self-care (which wouldn’t be complete without a glass of wine of course!) Something about moms truly scream superhero, they always find the things you lose, always come through for you when you need them the most, a shoulder to cry on and every now and then they might give you some advice that you want to listen to. LOL. Mothers are special as they are the only ones that can bring compassion to a situation and set you straight all at the same time.

Did you know that according to the National Association of Women Business Owners, 11.6 million businesses are owned by women, which according to the U.S. Department of Labor that equals about 36%. A total of 64% of mothers work full-time.

There’s always been a hidden stigma that says mothers have to choose between their career or being a mother. Well, clearly that is not the case. I’m not going to lie, once you have children your life is in a different lane and it does change the way you live your life, BUT there is always room for you to continue to live and thrive in your life separate from being a mom. YOU CAN HAVE BOTH!

Society has put so much pressure on us to be a certain way, but the good thing is there are so many examples of women who have been killing the game and have balanced being a mother and having a career.

Here are a few Mommies we admire!

Myleik Teele, is the founder and Chief experience (Executive?) Officer of CurlBox, the first monthly subscription service for naturally curly hair. CurlBox launched in 2011 and has worked with brands like L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Target, Walmart and SheaMoisture.

Myleik says that she is completely self-taught, as there was no one who was guiding her and showing her the ropes, especially not a woman of color. As a result, of not seeing herself reflected in the entrepreneurship space, she has expanded her brand with another branch called ‘My Taught You.’  She wants this branch to be a truthful and honest space where she gives out her best advice, quotes, stories, and podcasts. Some women have no idea how to navigate office politics or style, which she will give tips and tricks on these topics.

Myleik is a mom who is killing the game with her multiple businesses, brand deals and partnerships. She is someone who can’t be stopped and has a huge social media presence. Check her Instagram!

IG @myleik

Website: <>

Tigé Charity a mom to a 7-year-old girl and has been running an entire company for 10 years.  Tigé started Kids in the Spotlight (KITS), a non-profit organization to help foster youth by giving them a chance to write, cast, produce, edit, and star in their own short films. Which in return springs a pathway for healing, growth and valuable employment opportunities. KITS partners with entertainment industry professionals to provide 15-week training sessions on-site at foster residential facilities throughout Southern California. More than 60 films have been produced since the beginning of 2009.  

Every November there is a movie festival held at FOX studios where the students from the program get to show what they have created that year. Some even get the opportunity to show their film at other film festivals like the Washington West Film Festival.

Tigé has been in the game for a while and has created a great network. She has been able to leverage her business by adding celebrity ambassadors like Ty Burrell from Modern Family, actress, and producer Tika Sumpter, actor Alphonso McAuley and many more. Tigé’s partnerships with Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox has really been a driving force in the continuous success of Kids in the Spotlight.

Tigé is just another boss lady who is making waves in a space she is passionate about. If you want to learn more about KITS or volunteer with them visit or Kids in the Spotlight on IG.

Jocelyn Delk Adams, is the founder and author of her award-winning cookbook Grandbaby Cakes. Jocelyn was inspired by her grandmother, when she was younger, as she would visit her in Mississippi and watch her grandmother bake cakes, all original recipes I might add. All that love for baking got passed on to Jocelyn as she has a long list of credentials that go on for days! She is one of the Tastemakers for the TODAY show, cast member on the Cooking Channel's Unique Sweets and has been featured on countless number of magazines, cooking shows and network appearances such as, O (Oprah Magazine), Food Network’s The Kitchen, ABC World News Now, Hallmark Channel, Southern Living Magazine, Essence Magazine and that’s just to name a few. Jocelyn has also been brand ambassadors/ writer for top brands like Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, Yoplait, McCormick, Kitchenaid and more.

Jocelyn released her first cookbook in 2015 and she has been a spitfire ever since. The book won the Gourman World Award in 2016 for Best Blogger Cookbook USA and was nominated for an NAACP image award in 2016 - just one year after her book was released! Jocelyn was doing some serious hustling in the first year of business to create that kind of buzz!

Let’s not forget With all of her wonderful success from cakes that started from her grandmother's kitchen, I’m sure one day Jocelyn hopes to passed down her family tradition to her own daughter, Harmony.

IG: @grandbabycakes

Natalie Gouche truly has a relatable story of wanting to feel fulfilled in home and work life. Natalie had her regular 9 to 5 job but after giving birth to her oldest daughter she didn’t want to go back to work because she wanted to spend time with her daughter. So she got a job in the health and wellness industry and an independent representative, which at first seemed like a dream until she realized she was spending more time in the car and doing client showcases for the product then she spent being at home with her baby.

Although she was able to quit her 9 to 5 the at home sales rep job didn’t fit what she needed. She began to leverage her knowledge and following on social media to grow her online business and once her success became noticeable, people began to ask, “So how did you do that?” Did Natalie began to teach the very knowledge of social media to others. Her ability to break information down into simple and practical terms has become her signature skill set as an award-winning trainer and speaker.

“The best part of what I do is that everything is done on my own terms. I’m able to impact lives and earn a generous income while focusing on what’s most important to me: my faith, my family, and my freedom. Now that’s a true win-win!”

See anything is truly possible when you continue to search for the very thing that serves you, and in return, you can serve others. Never give up, just as Natalie was able to find a career that served her in the sense she was able to spend more time with her family, and in return, she is serving others and helping them build their brands through social media.

IG @nataliegouche 

Owning your own business or going to work while being a mom is not easy, but it is possible to have both if that’s what you desire. Having two full-time jobs, one being your 9 to 5 and the other being a parent, which never stops, is truly an amazing task. To all the amazing mothers juggling this in a society that hasn’t always been fully accepting, we at Jane Ella salute you!

Happy Mother’s Day!