Are You a Changemaker? Being the Change We Want to See in the World.

Changemaker (adjective; noun):

A person who gains knowledge and uses gained resources to creatively solve a social problem; and does not stop until the problem or issue is solved. We can point to many changemakers in our society across genres, ethnic lines, and time - Greta Thunberg, Fannie Mae Hamer, and Tamika Mallory. Being a changemaker suggests that you feel strongly enough about an issue or problem to take up the cause and carry it with you daily; making people aware throughout your daily life. Anyone can technically be a changemaker and take up any cause to fight for. It is those who showcase the fortitude to stay dedicated when the issue is no longer sexy that gets to continue to wear the title.

Pictured ( Patrisse Cullors, Tamika Mallory, Erika Hart, Angela Rye)

The question is - does your cause have to be of global importance or on a national scale to matter? The simple answer - no. If you're dedicated to solving a social issue within your community, you're a changemaker. Every county, town, and block needs someone who cares enough about the wellbeing of those people to not allow business as usual to continue. When you advocate for a cause or issue, it may seem like those who are the most visible have the power to enact change. But change starts with you.

Voting with your ballot or dollar shows how you want things to change. Going to city council meetings to talk about issues within the school system, or emailing your city about a pothole that's plagued your neighborhood is creating change. It shows those in power that someone is watching and that accountability is demanded.

So, are you a changemaker? Today can be the day you start making a difference that shifts society.. and we're here for it.