Rocking It Out! Celebrating The Power of Black Girls Rock, Every day!

With each passing day, we can find ourselves attempting to conquer it all - health, finances, relationships, career - while staying moisturized, energized, and sane. Life can be overwhelming. We can forget to celebrate even our smallest life victories (if you can manage to go to the gym, work, and cook dinner in one day, kudos to you girl!).

When Beverly Bond created Black Girls Rock! as a youth empowerment mentorship program, and subsequently an award-winning televised annual show, it stood as a means to celebrate those women who not only are in the public eye doing amazing things for the community, serving as role models but also those killing it in their careers.

Black Girls Rock! is not just for the exemplary among us. Black Girls Rock! is an example of what putting forth the effort towards being your best can achieve. You don’t need the throngs of followers or the notoriety of millions to make and affect change and positive movement. You can do that within your circle in your personal world right now, and I think we have all heard someone say that you can’t pour into someone else from an empty cup. So let us here at Jane Ella fill you up with simple, positive changes that will help you conquer these last four months of the year; because when your time to shine comes, we want you to be ready to rock it!

1. Become clear on your purpose and move with intention towards it

I know it sounds cliche, but now more than ever we must all move with intention towards our purpose. Do you know what your life’s purpose is? Are you confident in what you want your legacy to be and are you making strategic and intentional moves towards the goals you’ve placed before you? Those celebrated at Black Girls Rock! are living in their purpose. They are clear in who they are, what they have to offer and move as such. 2020 is four months away. If you have been floundering around or are unclear on what you really want to do with your life, take the time to become clear. Invest in classes, books,or a coach to assist with this process. What do you enjoy doing? What are you good at? Word to the wise, sometimes what you love doing is not what you’re good at and that does not always translate into coins (Kanye shrug). What are you passionate about within the community? What do you want your life to look like in 5-10 years? Answer these questions for yourself. Get clear on your purpose and goals and move towards them with a laser sharp focus.

2. Make yourself a priority and do the things that add value to your life

Exercise. Move your body. Eat more vegetables and drink more water, but also go to fancy restaurants and enjoy happy hour with the girls. Take a yoga class or ceramics like me. Do things that add intrinsic value to your life. Balance is key. It can be difficult to find but find a balance that works for you. Pray, meditate, go to therapy, drop dead weight and cut toxic friendships. Black Girls Rock! is also about sisterhood and support. You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Ensure they add value to you, not depreciate the value of your soul.

3. Be a Supporter

Talking about sisterhood and support, it’s not always going to be your time to shine in the spotlight. Learn to be a great supporter! Be excited for your friends and colleagues while they venture towards greatness. Find the sweet spot for how you can support your friends. Go to their events when you can. Are you a single mom and maybe can’t always make events? Repost their products and/or services. Small gestures like that really make a difference and help build confidence. Support your friends and colleagues in the way you’d like to be supported. It will come back to you, we promise.

We want you to shine bright every day and be able to stand tall on the stage of your life. Take the message and feeling of Black Girls Rock! with you everywhere you go. Decide to show up every day of your life and take up space! We are excited to see what you do for the rest of 2019 and into 2020!

Black Girls Rock! airs on BET Sunday, September 8th at 8/7c. Catch it and tell us what your favorite part was! Thank you to Beverly Bond for creating such a glorious movement! You ROCK!