Cinco de Mayo is this Sunday! Let us help you curate the perfect experience for you and your squad!

One of my favorite days of the year is upon us. Cinco de Mayo! Sidenote: If you don’t start singing the song of the same name by WAR, I don’t know who raised you. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican army victory over the larger and better armed French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Now that the history lesson is over, you may ask why I enjoy this day so much? You ask great questions. I love any day that highlights my favorite drink- a margarita! There are two types of people- people who love tequila, which is me, and those who don’t. There are so many variations of margaritas- sweet, savory, spicy and tart. I love the variety!

This year, Cinco de Mayo falls on a Sunday. There will be plenty of establishments offering sweet deals. Here are our picks! Let us help you remix your Sunday into a fun day. Switch out that mimosa for a margarita and let’s toast to the week ahead!

Gracias Madre

West Hollywood, May 5, 12-10pm

We all know we pay a premium for the weather here in Los Angeles. So, why not enjoy that premium and spend Cinco de Mayo on a beautiful patio. Gracias Madre is hosting a Pop-up Margarita Garden Party. Dine on plant-based Mexican food like jackfruit carnitas street tacos and wash it down with a Purist margarita or Blonde Ale & IPA from Baja Brewing Company. The plant-based options will balance out our tequila intake. Balance. It’s a beautiful thing.

Las Perlas

Downtown LA, May 5, 10am- 1am

The first Mezcal bar in the U.S., with over 400 agave spirits is bound to have something going on. Las Perlas is opening at 10am! Early bird gets the margarita. Happy hours will be from 10am-1pm and 10pm-1am. $5 Dos Equis will be up for grabs. There will be live music from noon to 4pm by Spaghetti Cumbia. Specialty drinks will be available and enough variety to have the bartender whip you up something special.

Las Brisas

Laguna Beach, May 5, All day

Let’s take the festivities to another level! This ocean view restaurant will be offering a set menu meant for a queen. For $115, you and your guest will receive two 2-2.5 pound lobsters, rice, beans, tortillas, chips and guacamole with a full margarita pitcher. While you are feasting on your delicious meal, there will also be a live mariachi band. Brunch and a show by the ocean. Sounds lavish.


Sherman Oaks, May 5, All day

For my valley residents, no need to drive over the hill to have a little fun. All day happy hour at Te’Kila is where you and your squad should bunker down. $6 Patron shots, margaritas and bacon-wrapped street dogs will be offered up. And because no one wants to brave the 405, not even on a Sunday, you can have all the street dogs your heart desires. See you at the gym Monday!


Culver City, May 5, All day

$28 margarita carafe that can serve up to six people…need I say more? There will also be a Peru- inspired drink named Chica Morada Margarita made of tequila, purple corn, apple, pineapple, lemon and spices for $7. Yum! I think you know where you will find me ladies.

The Independence

Santa Monica, May 4 and 5, All day

You can have a party both Saturday and Sunday at this neighborhood bar. Margaritas and Palomas are both $5. If you have already overdone it by Sunday, they will have Pedialyte - based mocktails awaiting you. How sweet are they?

Don Julio’s Cinco de Mayo Celebration and Cinco de Mayo at the Coliseum

Los Angeles, May 4 and May 5 respectively

Looking for something you can possibly do with the family? There will be food truck areas, drinks flowing, games and music. Make it a family affair!

I know, I know. So many options. How do you even decide? They say variety is the spice of life, and in this case the spice is Tajin! With a list like this, you can’t go wrong. Do you have an immediate favorite on this list? Is your local spot doing something special? Drop it in the comments below. Maybe we will see each other there. Have a fun and safe Cinco de Mayo weekend! Salud!


Want to invite the girls over and have your own party? Here is the recipe to my favorite, which of course is a Spicy Margarita! Let's turn up the heat this weekend!

Spicy Margarita

1 ½ oz Tequila reposado

1 oz Fresh lime juice

½ oz Triple sec

½ oz Agave syrup

2 Jalapeño coins (seeds removed)

In the bottom of a cocktail shaker (or glass if you don't have a shaker), muddle the jalapeño coins with the agave syrup.

Pour the rest of the ingredients into the shaker or glass filled with ice and shake until chilled. (Or stir if in regular glass)

Strain chilled mix into salt rimmed glass. Fill with fresh ice and garnish with a lime wedge.


Amanda White