Holiday Drink Guide 2018

Creating unique cocktail recipes is kind of our thing, but it doesn't always consist of a bunch of complex steps and ingredients. We recently served up our classic Jane's Boozy Bliss with a fun spin, a light bulb shaped drinking glass and neon straw! We wanted to spark fresh ideas and creativity for our coworking event, and this was the perfect touch! Even if you decide to do a super simple drink, serve it in a a way that your guests will never forget.

Check out these ideas for easy champagne cocktail and mocktails for this holiday season. Hosting friends for the holiday? Enter for a chance to win a 4pc set of light bulb drinking glasses, and a Kombucha gift set (branded cooler, 2019 calendar,Kombucha Holiday Cheer by Health Ade and hat!)

Sparking creativity with Jane's Boozy Bliss!


While there is some naturally-occurring alcohol in kombucha, the amount if insignificant. And if you're looking for something super festive to celebrate, Kombucha company Health Ade release its Holiday Cheers flavor once a year. Per the website, it combines "...notes of ginger, allspice, chocolate, and so much more" in this probiotic tea drink.

Whether you're planning to concoct a sparking signature cocktail or if you're simply providing a non-alcoholic beverage to your holiday party guests, Welch's sparkling juice is always a necessity. Welch's offers three delightful flavors: Red Grape, Rosé Cocktail Juice, and White Grape, and while each and every flavor tastes absolutely phenomenal, the new bottles are straight-up gorgeous.