Our chat with emerging designer India Jordé : #FASHION trends for summer '19!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

It’s finally warm enough in Los Angeles to be out in your short shorts, sundresses, and bikinis! It’s time to lay out by the pool and plan some weekend trips before the Summer is over! But before you go, you are going to need to go shopping to make sure you are slaying at ALL TIMES! PERIODT.

Shopping has always been one of my favorite past times, and as a frequent shopper, you start to notice trends and how old styles and colors seem to come back in style but with a new twist. This Summer seems to be all about the bright colors like lime green, neon yellow, bright pink and purple. Of course, we can’t forget about the animal print! Snakeskin and Cheetah print are making a strong come back! As I love a good cheetah print skirt or snakeskin shoe and it’s showing up an all-new way this Summer as a nice accent piece to an outfit or swimsuit. Now we can’t forget about the white shoe trend this Summer, they are perfect for any outfit, a bright orange dress, jeans and a t-shirt, dress pants, all black, all yellow, etc! Get a pair of all-white sneakers, they will finish any outfit perfectly! Fashion is always fun, you can mix and match different trends and styles, different patterns and textures, and add accent colors to spice up a look or wear all the colors in one outfit. Fashion trends change so much year to year but at the same time, there are always recycled trends within the new ones that are popping that season, funny how that happens.

We talked to India Jordé, a trendy up and coming fashion designer who told us all about the necessary trends to follow this Summer.

Q: Starting a business is hard but exciting, what was your inspiration behind your brand?

I’m currently working on building a new brand inspired by my grandmother who loves pajamas and loungewear. I decided to try something different than what I’m seeing so much of lately. So I guess I can say I was also inspired by them to take a different route, while also catering to a necessity we all should have. Sleepwear, loungewear, and lingerie that actually makes you FEEL GOOD!

Q: Things are always changing in the fashion industry with colors and styles-- how do you stay on or ahead of trends year-round?

I am constantly keeping up with what’s new and on social media. I follow tons of fashion blogs, designers, and stylists. I think nowadays this is the best way to stay ahead because trends are changing faster than ever and social media allows you to keep up at the palm of your hand. Also, a good thing to always keep in mind is that fashion recycles itself every 20 years. If you’ve noticed. The early 2000s have made a huge comeback. FUBU and Babyphat have made their way into popular stores as well as velour tracksuits.

Q: What are three must-haves that every woman can mix into her wardrobe for Summer?

HANDBAGS! Oh my gosh, handbags are like the cherry and sprinkles and caramel drizzle on top!!! I have about 2 or 3 that I have on rotation for the summer and they are definitely staples in my wardrobe. It’s important to have a trendy handbag, something timeless, and something basic but still bomb! I’m still not over the cow print phase, so I’m still wearing a cow print mini bag with pretty much everything.
I think it’s also important to have tons of animal print in your wardrobe this summer whether it’s dresses, skirts, pants, shoes, they’re all in and a must-have! I can’t forget kitten heels! Goodness! They’re everywhere and in so many cute and chic styles! I love me a good kitten heel!
Lastly, I’m super into logo tees! They’re super easy to dress up for a night out with a mini skirt and cute heels, throw on a slip dress, with a pair of jeans (mom jeans are my fav right now), or an oversized one with a pair of tights and running shoes (or heels) to give that “model off duty” slay.

Q: We want to maximize our $$$! How can we mix in our Summer pieces into Fall?

Where I’m from... summer and fall are pretty much the same. It’s HOT!!! But for those of you lucky enough to get all four seasons and love to change your wardrobe along with them, always remember color is year-round! I’m a big fan of sporting loud, vibrant colors in the fall. I know most people switch to more neutral colors like browns and burnt oranges, but come on... LIVE A LITTLE! You can still wear those bright orange stilettos with your neutrals to give it a pop of color, or throw on some bold statement earrings to help complete the look!

Q: It is travel season so, what are some must-haves for vacation this Summer?

Okay, you know that giant hat Kylie wore in Turks with nothing else on? That hat embodies summer in a nutshell! We’re going big or going home on vacation! I like to think of a vacation as a time where you make your destination your runway! I’m also super into long, sheer, flowy dresses preferably with a long beautiful train that can serve as either a coverup or a sexy, romantic date night ensemble. You also gotta have some fire swimwear, and although everyone’s tired of neon everything, you gotta have it cause it makes your suntan pop!

Q: When designing a piece, who is the ideal woman you have in mind?

I design a lot of custom pieces for my customers. I love it when they give me full control because oftentimes my customers have direction or a look they want to be recreated but I love bringing their idea to its full potential. I design for the woman most women never knew they could be! I love to bring the extra out of everyone because it’s there you just have to find it. So I say all of this to say, the ideal woman I like to design for is a woman who is daring, a woman who shines so bright and would never allow anybody to try and dim her light, a woman so full of confidence that it’s contagious. And I believe that this woman is every woman, some just haven’t come out of her shell yet.

Q: How does a person find out what their true ‘style’ is?

A person finds their true style by being themselves and wear what makes them happy. It won’t make you feel comfortable and good inside if it’s not your style!

Fashion is about choice and style, it’s a way to show some personality, so don’t be afraid to mix and match and take some risks! Summer is not over and there is still time for you to continue in style!

Don’t forget to contact India Jordé for some custom design and check out all of her cute trendy outfits for that Summer vacation you’re planning!

Bon Voyage!