Help! I have a business and NO clients!

We all know launching a business can be alot to process. From getting the backend setup (accounting, EIN, brand assets, staff etc) -- to actually launching and advertising for clients, it's a whole thing.

The key is to make sure you are prepared for your first client. If you launched recently, you are probably wondering WHEN to expect $$$ to roll in. SLOW DOWN-- have you actually setup a sound business with systems and processes to make sure your client has a pleasant experience?

New businesses are being launched every single day, but we must ensure that the quality of the guest/client experience doesn't suffer as we find our footing. Here are 5 things you can do to make sure your business is ready for new clients!

Step 1: Figure out what success means to you, never ever go after someone else's idea of success.

Success is a very subjective term, and it doesn’t mean exactly the same thing to two different people. Not knowing how you define success in your life can make the process of becoming successful even more challenging. How can you set metrics, goals, and ideal client profiles without a clear idea of your business goals?

Step 2: Work everyday towards getting your first client, then the next, then the next etc.

Once you secure your first client, the ball will keep rolling! Organize your systems and establish an order of things. Once you have one, use that client as a success story, record progress and results. It is important to get testimonials from your clients. People invest in results, not ideas.

Step 3: Spend time learning who your client is and what they want, make sure that aligns with step 1.

Who are your services for? What services can you offer that will simply processes for this specific demographic? Study trends and take a survey within your current network.

Step 4: Keep your overheads low.

Until your business is gaining profit, keep your expenses low! The joy of being an Event Production company is being able to work anywhere there is a WiFi signal. Until you require your own space, source quiet, but unique locations that you can depend on in consistency. Once you have a solidified budget, consider co-working spaces that offer flexible plans. Why not Starbucks? Well, walking in with a client to find a full house (noisy) and no tables available is less than ideal. You can never really gauge how busy/slow this kind of chain coffee shop how will be. Just don't meet in Starbucks, okay?

Step 5: Safeguard your own time.

You will not have time to court prospective clients if your schedule is boggled down.

To say “yes” to one fresh opportunity, you must say “no” to others. Establishing boundaries shapes your work life/balance. Own your life. The more you simplify your commitments to support what truly matters to you, the more easily you can fulfill them without feeling depleted. Prioritize your tasks, schedule and restrict time for calls and don't be afraid to unplug and reboot. Protect your peace.

Share in the comment section what works best for you!

Excited to see you succeed!