A BTS look at #noteworthy, what I learned as a new Event Assistant.

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Event planning is more than just putting balloons in the right spot, choosing a venue, and sending out invitations on Facebook. It takes hard work, creative brain cells, a BOMB team and of course celebratory champagne for when it’s over! Here are a few tips I’ve learned as a new event assistant for Jane Ella Productions and an inside look at the process of helping produce a #Noteworthy event!

Watch the clock

As an event assistant, it is important to never let the clock win when racing it. I’ve had to learn this countless of times and I am not going to lie to you, it’s harder than trying to beat my record from the last time I ran a mile on the treadmill. In order to beat the clock and not drop the ball, because Lord knows once the ball drops, man is it hard to pick it back up when it's been rolling for a while. But here are some tips on what I do to keep track of time and make the deadline:

Plan out the week

I make sure the week before an event that I map out when I want to run errands. Spreading out the tasks by days makes errands less stressful and gives you time to think of everything you need. Sometimes, if I am too frazzled and start rushing, I forget the small things, which can make a big difference in the end.

Make a list

I like to make lists for EVERYTHING! While you’re planning out your week, make a list of things you need, and feel free to be detailed as possible. Write down if there are certain colors that you need, if the paper needs to be cardstock or gloss coated, chile make that list! Trust me the more detailed the list, the fewer mistakes will be made and the less time will be wasted.

Give Yourself Time

Leave your place in enough time! If you have to, set an alarm to wake you up an hour earlier so you are getting a head start before the clock and potential mistakes. This is short, but you’ll thank me later. The smallest things make the biggest impact!

Let your creativity run wild

Event planning is supposed to be FUN! It’s the chance to let your vision become a reality and to challenge your creativity. Personally, I had so much fun helping plan #Noteworthy because we got the chance to work with a theme! We wanted the theme for #Noteworthy to represent femininity and boldness. The color scheme featured soft and loud colors to illustrate that women can be both!

Fun Fact: Jane means woman and Ella means complete...poof we have the name Jane Ella because as a woman you are complete just the way you are!

Be about the details while watching your coins

You can ball on a budget, honey! You can cut costs on certain items and still get good quality! For example, in the flower district in Los Angeles, we were able to bargain to get fresh, yes fresh flowers for the low low. Now don’t get me wrong Jane’s, some things you cannot cut cost on because you don’t want things to look cheap! To avoid looking cheap and still hitting the details, make sure to think outside of the box! Details are things most people forget about because they are thinking so much about the bigger picture. While it is important to think about the bigger picture, it is still important to think of things others may not think of.

P.S, this will make your event stand out from the others even if it has the SAME EXACT concept!

For example, instead of wasting the flowers we bought for the flower bar, we put them in the champagne punch. This gives the punch a fresh and elegant look! Details.Details.Details. So make sure to take time to think creatively in how you can use multiple items for your event to complete other aspects.

Noteworthy was an event that I had so much fun helping put together. It was a lot of work, planning, creativity, and constant racing against the clock, but it was all worth it! Take a look at some exclusive, behind the scenes looks and how we were able to get it all done!

Share your favorite part of #Noteworthy in the comments and on Instagram! Also, let us know what other types of events you would like to see produced from the Jane Ella Production’s team, we’d love to hear your opinion!