How to Define Life's Reasons and Seasons

Its fall y'all and its the perfect time to be cuddled up by the fire with some hot cocoa or wine. Now fall is normally a time where we really enjoy family and maybe stress about buying gifts or cooking dinner, but rarely do we really take time for ourselves. This is a great time for some self-reflection and I want to present you with the Jane Ella Fall Challenge!

Now that 2019 is coming to an end, let’s take a moment and just reflect on the type of year we have had, counting all the ups and downs that have brought you to this point in life. Think about the people you have allowed in your circle and who you give your energy to. Are they a positive reflection of where you want your life to be? Do they add value to your life? How do they affect your emotional, physical and spiritual health? Are they supportive? Do they always have yours or their intentions first?

Think about your job or work environment and how that affects you, are you happy or can you do more? How does your bank account look? Does it reflect the hard work you have been putting in or can you do more? Do you want to start a business, what’s stopping you?

This is the time to fall in love with yourself… (anyone catch my pun?) LOL! It is important to self-reflect, and instead of doing some spring cleaning to some end of the year cleaning! This is a time to purge your old clothes, donate them, or get rid of that friend or two that brings you down. So, I’m going to help you on behalf of Jane Ella to navigate the expiration dates people hold in your life.

As time continues to move, we get older and wiser. The older we get, the more important it is to reflect on how far you’ve come. I think it is important to take credit for where you are in life at this very moment to see if you are on the right track to getting those things you dream about in the next 5 to 10 years. If we don’t change behaviors now, we won’t be able to achieve the goals that we had for ourselves because we are not being open to the journey. We aren’t always going to understand why things happen right at that moment but in a time of reflection, we can see why we had to be positioned in the way we were to be able to achieve our goals. Not everyone in your life right now will be in your life in 5 years, and that’s okay, we have to learn how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Allow yourself to put yourself first in life because you are the only one walking in those shoes of yours.

This post is very close to my heart, as I talk about reflection because as a young lady in her early to mid-20s who feels like she is behind schedule in life, this is a good time to reflect on how much I have accomplished in 2019! I don’t want to start preaching but like everyone, I have my testimony, I claimed that before I turned 24 that I would have a career, and that happened by praying and following the guided path that had been waiting on me, and by taking a few risks. I also went to a vision board party and created my dream life, now some of the items on the list were not achievable in 2019 (like me getting a condo, but that is a long story for another time). Not only did I get my career job, but I also work for a celebrity I pasted on my vision board. My dream job is to be an entertainment journalist and I now have the opportunity to be trained under Maria Menounos and her company AfterBuzz TV. The vision I have for myself came true through faith, hard work, and manifestation. I saw the vision I had for myself and promised myself to make it happen! The doors opened for me in ways I didn’t think they could all because I had a plan.

So through my own journey, which is constantly evolving and changing as I am, I use times of reflection to think about where I am in life and where I am with my goals. I think even after they’re set that it’s okay for them to change, but change them and move forward, don’t hold yourself back from really being great and accomplishing your goals.

Here is the Challenge! I learned something over the weekend that I think is interesting. Trevor Moawad is a mental conditioning coach and works with top-line athletes like Russell Wilson. Here are some wise words of advice from him that stuck with me,

"Don’t say negative thoughts out loud as they take on a stronger meaning when you say them out loud and don’t think positive thoughts as you know those thoughts aren’t true and they create anxiety, live in the now which is this neutral way of thinking. Deal with problems as they come and always try to move to the solution, don’t dwell on the mistake or problem.” Moaward said.

Below are some self-reflection questions and I challenge you to do a Fall/ Winter cleaning instead of a Spring cleaning.

  1. Am I using my time wisely?

  2. Am I employing a healthy perspective?

  3. Am I living true to myself?

  4. Am I waking up in the morning ready to take on the day?

  5. Am I thinking of negative thoughts before I fall asleep?

  6. Am I taking care of myself physically?

  7. Am I letting matters that are out of my control stress me out?

  8. Am I achieving the goals that I set for myself?

  9. Am I holding on to something I need to let go of?

  10. What have I given up on?

  11. When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?

  12. What’s one topic you need to learn more about to help you live a more fulfilling life? (Then, follow through and learn more about that topic.)