Snacks or Snatched? Lifestyle Tips For Movers + Shakers!

Updated: May 19, 2019

Let’s face it, summer is here! I always find myself trying to find fashionable high waist swim bottoms because I did not take my fitness and health regiment seriously in March and April. You know what they say, summer bodies are made in the winter. I have tried my fair share of quick, one week diets in attempts to look fantastic in a two piece, only to have minuscule results. In fact, the weight I’ve lost has the nerve to come back with me on the plane after vacation. As a nurse, I understand the “slim down quick” teas we see advertised on Instagram and the fad diets paraded on TV can be tempting for a quick fix, but can potentially have harmful long term effect on our bodies. A little secret is that the quick weight you drop can come back to your body faster and bring more weight! For the best results, a balanced and nourishing diet with weight bearing exercise, which is crucial for women since we lose bone density and are prone to osteoporosis later in life- but I digress, can do wonders for our overall physical and mental health. We are going to talk about ways to stay in a healthy mentality with some small changes and stay fit and “snatched” all year long. Being a fabulous Jane also means being healthy. Ready? Let’s go!

Let’s address something that a lot of people usually say- they don’t have the time. If you will indulge me, please go into your settings and note the usage of the apps on your phone. The shock I felt when I noticed how much time I was on Instagram made me reevaluate my life. I say this to bring attention to the fact that we make time for what we want, and if you want to be healthy, you do have the time. We all just need to be better managers of it. You could even do squats while scrolling the gram if you must. Or play your favorite podcast while planking. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Let’s address another point- money. More importantly, gym memberships. With YouTube, Roku box free channels and jailbroken Fire sticks, you can find any and all exercise videos to tone whatever body part you find troublesome. It is possible to get in 30 minutes of movement each day, even if it’s walking up and down the stairs at your apartment or office building on your break. Some of the small things I do to keep me in motion during the day is opting to take the stairs instead of the elevator. I may be out of breath when I arrive at my destination, but I know it’s beneficial for me. I also park a little farther away from my destination no matter where I am to get more steps in daily.

I am conscious, even though I may not always follow through, of drinking my daily recommended amount of water. Our bodies are made up of about 60 percent water. The brain and heart are composed about 73 percent water, while the lungs are composed of 83 percent. Our brains, cells and organs need it! So drink it up! There are many benefits to adding fruits and herbs to your water. Strawberries, lemons, mint, cucumbers- whatever gets it in your body. Let me just say this- just because coffee and tea use water, it does not take the place of just plain water. Sorry not sorry.

I make sure that I have some frozen steamed vegetables in the house- broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and Brussels sprouts. Nothing beats fresh, but to be honest, as a single girl fresh goes bad in this home too fast. These frozen bags are a nice option to have. When you’re out, have snacks handy! Put a few Cuties, the small mandarin oranges, in your purse. Cut up some cucumbers, squeeze some lemon juice on them, sprinkle with Tajin if that’s your jam and snack on those when you feel peckish. Drink some water. Seriously. You may not even be hungry, just thirsty. Drink about 8 ounces of water. If in 10 minutes, you’re still hungry, go for a healthy option.

Attempting more vegetarian options throughout your week will leave you feeling satisfied and light. Try eating a salad for lunch with protein options like beans, chickpeas or hard boiled eggs. One of my favorite lunch time salads is a mix of spinach and kale massaged with olive oil of course, dried cranberries, red onion, a hard boiled egg, bleu cheese, chickpeas, garnished with sunflower seeds drizzled with a little olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing from Sprouts. Could you imagine if you added in some Granny Smith apple slices? The flavor pairing of the apples with the dressing- yum! Delicious, filling and satisfying.What could beat that combo? You will have gotten your veggies in and won’t return from lunch feeling sleepy.

What if you just feel like you need a reset and don’t really know where or how to start? Well, let us introduce you to LaKeasha of 1987Juices. She is a young lady adding a lot of flavor to the world of juice. Who can combine apples AND garlic together and have it taste good? She can. Trust me, I’ve had it. It tastes yummy. What about activated charcoal? She’s got you covered. Here are her recommendations for resets and daily maintenance with 1987Juices.

For those who feel like they need a reset, why would your 3 day cleanse be the best bet for them? And how should they prepare?

LaKeasha: “A 3 Day cleanse is best for any person new to juicing experiencing bloating, swelling, low bowel movement frequency or suffering from certain illnesses. It's the perfect amount of time to achieve results and to experience the stomach properly being able to break down and digest stored food. When preparing, there are instruction cards provided teaching what to remove or practice 48 hours leading into and out of a cleanse. Removing meat, dairy and bread are three foods to remove days before starting,”

What if they want to just incorporate a juice into their everyday routine, which juices would be the best options and how should they incorporate them?

LaKeasha: “Our Green Mile and 4 Leaf Clover are best if wanting to drink one bottle a day. They are both green juices and assist in healing the gut when consumed on an empty stomach. I would suggest certain ones if someone had a specific concern. If not, always go green,”

All these personal tips and informational tidbits are to help you become creative with your health journey. Going to the gym and maintaining a keto diet just might not be easy for you; but hiking with your friends and enjoying some girl talk may be. Attending some aerial yoga classes might be what you need to kick start you into a new fitness journey. Allow space and grace to find your groove and your body will respond accordingly.

Ok, so are you ready to make the changes that will help you in staying “snatched” all year long? Small changes and additions can lead to big results. Here is my ultimate tip to get a beach body. Have a body and go to the beach. We love all of you, no matter what it looks like. I just want to see you win out here and be healthy sis!

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