The World Is Her Office : Donalee Curtis

Donalee Curtis takes all the fears and preconceived ideas about traveling and throws them out of the window. She lived and worked in Los Angeles, CA with a dream job in video production, then adventured out of the country with only a carry-on bag and backpack! Donalee set her sights on a new beginning and life of adventure as a nomad. 15 months later, she is currently residing in Bali, Indonesia.

When asked what she does for a living, she says “ I take long walks in different countries for a living.”

Donalee likes going to places that are unassuming and more for the locals, she feels like it enhances the experience of the city because you can better understand the culture. A lot of what we consider to be luxuries in the U.S, are affordable commonalities when living aboard. On any given day, Donalee can get a full body massage and lunch for less than $10.00. We can easily spend $30 on a similar meal and $100+ on a massage in LA! Are you jealous yet?

Besides the fact that Donalee gets to indulge in a luxury lifestyle of travel, great food and enriched experiences daily, she does work. Donalee works as a Social Media manager remotely managing and scheduling content for designers based in the US. You would think there would be difficulties coordinating with a 12 hour time difference, but with the technology and apps that are available to the working person makes it easier to manage, even if that means waking up an hour earlier or go to sleep an hour later to be able to communicate.

Traveling the world is fun but there can be some down sides when it comes to seeing family and friends and missing certain events. There is always a little sacrifice when it comes to following your dreams. It might sound a little selfish, but do the things you aspire to do in life because you one have one life to live.Listen to the third installment to learn more about Donalee and how to take the world by storm.