3 tips for protecting your melanin glow this summer!

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

No matter what the weather feels like where you live, summer is here and we need to protect the largest organ- our skin! We love to be in the sun, but it can have long term negative effects on our health if we don’t protect our skin properly. So, as you bounce from patio brunch to backyard soiree, here are some tips and recommendations to keep your skin luminous all summer long.

Drink water!

If you read our last post, this may sound like a broken record. Drink that water! A study performed by Quench states that 77% of working Americans don’t drink enough water to meet their health needs. Not drinking enough water can affect your alertness and produce wrinkles faster. No Bueno. Drink that water!


I know some people think that because of their darker skin tone, sunscreen is unnecessary. Let me be the one to break it to you, that is not true! While cases of skin cancer may remain relatively low in people of color, they present with more advanced cases and thus worse, prognosis. SPF helps to protect against Ultraviolet B-rays, also known as UVB, can cause skin to become red and sunburn. Protecting the skin from aging prematurely and the degeneration of skin cells leading to cancer. An easy way to incorporate this into your regimen is by using a daily moisturizer with SPF. I know that sunblocks have a bad wrap within the community. The reason? A not so cute purplish, ashy tint left on the skin. The culprit is zinc oxide which helps to protect against the harmful rays from the sun. There are options now!

Bolden USA and Urban Skin Rx are brands created for women of color and have daily moisturizers that won't give you that lovely purple haze. I use the Bolden USA daily moisturizer with SPF 30 and I can tell you that there is no purple haze. It is a game changer.

Luke warm> Hot showers

I love a hot shower as much as the next person, especially during the winter months. You probably turn down the heat when the temperature increases outside and that's great. Hot showers can compromise the skin and possibly cause over irritation because of dryness. No one wants to be dry. Lukewarm showers are your friend. Speaking of irritation, over exfoliation, doing that every day with more harsh exfoliation products and tools can be damaging for your skin. Thankfully, there is a solution. Bolden creates products that give a gentle daily exfoliation. A gentle cleanser and toner will help keep your skin even and clear. Urban Skin Rx supplies a range of products based on your problem areas and has a plethora of cleansers/masks that will help keep your skin fresh, glowing and hydrated.

Once you have cleansed your skin and protected it from the sun, you need to stay moisturized.

Using oils and moisturizing scrubs is a great way to elevate your skincare routine. Diamonds by Dominique has a scrub that will keep your skin soft and luminous after use without the need for lotion afterward. Kyra’s Shea Medley has multipurpose oils that can be used on your skin and hair (yes, your hair can suffer from sun heat damage). So, you can mix it with your lotions for extra hydration or use it at night to give your skin some extra love.

Are you ready to have your best skin summer yet? Make sure you implement some of these quick fixes into your life and we know you’ll be happy. Glowing skin here you come...all summer 2019!

Amanda White