Growing into the woman you were meant to be all 2020 + beyond.

This is around the time people start to try and reset themselves for the year and create ‘New Year's Resolutions’ as a way to keep on track for the whole year. But who are we kidding… these never work because we set an unrealistic expectation for ourselves, which makes it really easy to slip back into old habits. However, I have a really good feeling about 2020. So, are you ready to hear the only resolution you will need in 2020?? Honor Yourself, completely, 100 percent of the time! I feel like everyone is ready to walk in their purpose because they have already been doing the work in 2019… so 2020 is just going to be a continuation of building on the foundation that you already set up for yourself!

Hey Millennials!! This is our time to really put those vision board ideas into action and turn them into reality. Let’s take a moment and reflect. Most of us millennials are in our mid 20’s or early 30’s, so that means we are the next adult generation. We need to be educating ourselves on financial stability, generational wealth, and how to sustain them both. We need to break the cycle of trying to ride the bike with no wheels. If you don’t have resources, reach out to others for support.

Here is a small thing that can help set you up for a great year and if you plan ahead can help you long term. SAVE YOUR MONEY! Put together a little savings plan for the week - $10 or $20. This is what helps me: I pull the money out in CASH (that way I know where it is all the time and I am not going to accidentally spend it). To actively spend the cash you are saving takes an extra step and gives you time to rethink and refocus on your plan for the year. Plan ahead so you don’t ever have to worry about money. Life is so short and we should be able to enjoy it, especially when we get older. Just like you save for a vacation, you should be saving for retirement. Think about multiple streams of income and save one… Okay that’s it - I’m done preaching!

2020 is going to be an amazing year full of prosperity, whatever that means to you, spiritually, mentally, or financially. This is the beginning of a whole new decade; you can write it however you want to. If things haven’t been going the way you wanted them to, this is the first page of your new book. And if you are in the middle of your grind, keep going and finish writing the next few chapters in the book we call life.

1. This is the decade to honor yourself 100 percent of the time. Make decisions because you want to, and not based on anyone else’s thoughts or opinions. For me, this is a big one as I generally care way too much about what others think about me. So, I have promised myself that I am going to be more confident in my decisions and do what fulfills me internally… no matter how it’s received. I have figured out that it is not my job to be completely responsible for how someone interprets my decisions as long as it’s always with the best intentions and coming from an honest place.

2. Care less about what others think. You are the only one living your life and the only one that knows what’s right for you. I am always the person that is concerned about making the right decisions or looking a certain way to other people because I want them to have a positive outlook on me... which is nice, but it also doesn’t show my potential because I’m afraid to push the envelope. (Another skill I am building this year.)

3. Reflect and take time for yourself, always. This is the most important tip as it is important to look at how far you have come and celebrated all the victories big and small. Look at the failures and figure out a way to improve on those - and of course, make a path to where you are trying to go to give yourself something to focus on.

I am so excited for this new year/ decade! This is the beginning of the rest of our lives, and we should treat it as such. Now, it’s time to get down to business!

Happy New Year!